DB Question

Instructions: You must respond to the following questions listed below. Your response should be at least 420 words for each question. For each response, you should support your assertions with citations in current Turabian format. Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks (listed below) in mind, but feel free to use other sources as needed to add to the conversation. Acceptable sources include textbooks, and scholarly sources/articles. Please watch your grammar and punctuation. When you respond to a particular question, please list the question above your response. *The required textbooks (along with the required reading) are listed below: The New International Commentary on the New Testament: The Epistle To The Hebrews By:Gareth Lee Cockerill (pp.85-152) Hebrews: For Everyone By: N. T. Wright (pp.1-22) The NIV Application Commentary: Hebrews By: George H. Guthrie (pp.45-123) Question #2 What does the author mean in 2:3 regarding ?neglecting? salvation? Does the author include himself in that warning? Do you think that Christians can ?neglect? salvation? Give reasons for your answer. How would you encourage a person who was afraid that they were ?neglecting? his salvation? What would you say to help him avoid this situation? Question #4 Hebrews 2:14?18 refers to Jesus? being like us in sharing our flesh and blood and even in sharing our temptations. How does Jesus? humanity result in Satan being rendered powerless? In what ways are Christians free from the fear of death? What does the author mean that Jesus was ?tempted in that which he suffered? (Hebrews 2:18)? How would you use this passage to encourage a person who may be afraid of death?

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