David Malouf, Dream Stuff.

David Malouf, Dream Stuff In the first two stories, “At Schindler’s’ and “Closer’, the reader views the development and growth of the two central characters, Jack and Amy. Through powerful events and realizations that greatly affect their lives, they both become more aware of their own identity. The first image we get of Jack is a boy primarily focused on his past memories of his father who is now lost in battle. Jack is guided partially by his mother’s anecdotes and subtle reminders of a father missing, “Your daddy will be having a bite to eat about now”?Sweet Peas. They’re your father’s favourites.” But even after his mother finally lets go of her husband, Jack still has faith in his father’s return. Jack even goes as far as to believe that he is responsible for his father’s safety and eventually return back home, “”?if he was to hang on to whatever light thread was keeping him in the world, then he was the one who must keep believing.” In the dream sequence, Jack is stuck far above the ground on a slippery slide. When suddenly the slide begins to grow beneath Jack, due to his resulting fear of heights, Jack forces himself awake, escaping the dream. Further, Jack does not want to face his fear that his father is not going to return or the fact that his mother is romantically involved with Milt. He escapes this idea, much like his fear of heights. When seeing an apparition of his father in his own reflection, he is forced to come to terms with his loss. Combined with the sight of his mother making love with another man and an image of his father being deathly and cold, Jack is forced to move on with his life just like his mother. In the story, “Closer’, the reader is presented with Amy, a girl free of pressures of society, although not entirely unconcerned by what it contains. She is not sure of her knowledge and opinions early in the book, constantly spouting Grandpa Morpeth’s sermons on…

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