Daily Life Of Ancient Romans

Through my research into the daily lives of the ancient Romans, I have discovered that there is a great disparity among the different classes and groups of the period. The lives of women, the upper class compared to the lower class, and education are prime examples of this difference. In ancient Rome, your social standing often reflected the way you were treated and opportunities you were given. Women and the lower class were often held in a lesser regard then men and the upper class. The amount of education, if any at all, was also dependent upon social standing. Therefore this affected different classes of people in many ways. The lives of women in ancient Rome carried a vast differential from those of men. They were often docile creatures walking in the shadows of their counterparts. A woman’s voice or idea was never heard in a public forum except through the mouth of a man. It was their job to be there for their husband. They were often expected to provide encouragement and comfort. They were expected to carry the morals and values of the Roman society. But in the early days of Rome, they were never allowed or expected to make waves or bring about change. Any influence they had at all was in the home. They were the wives, mothers, and homemakers. They did homely things like weaving wool and so forth. Their most important duty in the home was to raise the children. A woman’s morals and beliefs were often reflected on their children. They essentially had the power to shape the future of Rome. For this, they often garnered great respect. Despite some important duties, men still held a more prominent role in society. They were still considered supreme. For instance, a man held all power over his wife and any female relatives under his guardianship. This meant he could do as he wished to them, particularly his wife, whom he could punish, banish, divorce or even execute if he so pleased. …

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