Current Issues in leadership: The leader0follower relationship and impact on organizational outcomes at different levels

Assessment Detail Current Issues in Leadership: Theory and practice Type: Essay Task Description: Individual Assignment The assignment (i.e. essay) should be about 2000 words in length including in-text references. Background 1. The leader-follower relationship and its impact on organizational outcomes at the individual, team or organisational levels. Also what is the role of the follower in the leadership process? Essay Writing Process: Check List: 3. Theories: Decide on the underlying framework (theory/theories/models) that can best explain the issues you are writing about in your essay topic. The understanding of these theoretical issues is important for leaders? behaviours in practice. Contingency leadership theory paradigm (individual level ) Leader-member exchange theory ( team level ) Charismatic and transformational leadership ( organisational level ) 4. Literature Review: review and reference at least 15 -20 emprical articles (in quality journals rating 2-3) . reviews should cover empirical findings that are relevant to your topic. 5. Analytical and Critical thinking: Essay must not just be a report of emprical findings, but must reflect an evidence of critical and analytical thinking on the part of the students. 6. Connecting theory with practice: You will need to connect theory with practice in your essay by using vivid illustrations from your university experience (e. g. leading a group assignment, students association team etc.) or your organisational experience working as a team leader or working with a team or organisational leader. If you have no organisational experience, you may want to observe or interview a leader engaged in leading in the area of your chosen topic. 7. Implications for organisations: Implications of your essay topic for the contemporary organisational leaders must be well articulated. 8. Essay Parts and References: The APA referencing style must be adhered to in your essay. If you are in doubt about how to write your essay and issues with referencing your essay, please refer to the Assignment Writing Guide and consult your tutors for more guidance. Essay Proper: Essay should articulate a clear academic essay structure: Introduction, Body and Conclusion: ? A clear identification of the topic of your essay. ? A clear and concise articulation of the connection between theory & practice is especially important in the area of current issues in leadership that you have chosen. ? you need a critical analysis and integration of the information gathered from your literature review. Make sure you draw clear illustrations from your own experience (e.g. leading a group assignment at Uni, or working as a leader/follower in an organisational team ? You must include a theoretical perspective of the aspects of leadership that you have chosen an connect it with practical application or yoru essay topic. ? Overall, the research essay should make use of relevant theory and research evidence to critically examine the topic of your choice and the aspect of leadership that you are writing about. A minimum of 20 references, 12 of which should be recent peer-review academic journal articles preferably from 2006-2016. A list of relevant journals is provided on the course Blackboard. ? This is an academic essay and should adhere to the formats of a standard academic essay writing and especially, you must adhere to the APA (6th Edition) for your references. This essay should be double spaced and written in well-developed paragraphs.

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