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Creative Response Paper Options and Rubric This semester you will write one Creative Response Paper from the options listed below. The Creative Response Paper is designed to stimulate your engagement with class material, and to encourage you to think critically and creatively about significant issues in American history. Many of these essays allow you to place yourself in the shoes of ordinary individuals in American history. Be creative! But be sure to answer all parts of the question and utilize relevant course material for that question. I am willing to read drafts of essays?the earlier you send them to me the more detailed suggestions I can provide. Response papers should be 700-800 words. You must turn in the Creative Response Paper by Saturday, April 2 at 11:59 P.M. Late submissions will drop a letter grade for each day past the due date. If you want me to look at a draft, you must get it to me by Tuesday, March 29. You must submit your paper on iCollege. Instructions on submission will be forthcoming. Do not e-mail it to me. I will be running a plagiarism check, so be sure that you are turning in your own, original work. A note on sources of information: You must use the primary source documents from iCollege, in addition to other course material. You should only use the textbook and other course material. Do not use outside resources without prior permission. Paper Options 4. The Revolutionary War is over, and the Americans have successfully united to overthrow British rule to establish a new country. Yet divisions have started to emerge between the Federalists and Antifederalists. Write a political broadside (like a letter that you would post in a public place) urging your neighbors to join either the Federalist or Antifederalist cause. Why do you think one or the other will do the best job of defending personal liberty, promoting the development of the United States, and/or keeping the new nation united? What fears do you have if the other side gets its way? Paper Rubric Goal Description Mark Content and Evidence This is the most important goal! Paper is supported by relevant evidence from the primary sources (i.e., weekly readings), lectures, textbook, and other course material. Your paper should use information from at least one of the primary sources from class. You should only use course material, and not outside resources without prior permission. Analysis/Critical Thinking The paper demonstrates that you have thought critically about the essay question and have considered all aspects of the question. Utilizes documentary and other evidence to make a reasoned historical argument. Organization Paper is organized in a logical manner with clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Mechanics The essay is polished, free of grammatical errors, answers all parts of the question, and meets the length requirements. Your paper includes citations in parentheses of information from textbook, documents, or other course material. Style Paper considers the style of writing demanded by the essay question (i.e., letter, diary entry, etc.).

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