creative brief

Together with your group, go back to the document where you described the company you chose. Now you have a strategic analysis of the company as well. Add the following: Creative Strategy – based on your analysis, identify an advertising objective; choose and describe the audience you will target; choose a positioning that fits this audience; formulate the Big Idea that expresses the motto of your future advertising message; write down the creative strategy for your product, based on the positioning and the Big Idea: Who are you targeting, What will you say, and How will you say it (tone)? Brief – Next, on a new page, write up the creative brief, which is based on your creative strategy, but is not a copy of it, because the creatives need down to earth directions how to do their work. The creative brief should take no more than 2 pages and should include the major components you learned about in the lesson. i only need to do the creative strategy : “advertising objectives” and :target audience”

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