Count On Us – book review

Count on Us “? Book Review Society is based on people’s equality and freedom, meaning that everyone has the right to be treated equal and to make their own life choices about education, work, and relationships among other things. Yet for a long period of time, people with disabilities have been long denied the rights of personal equality and freedom. At the same time, people with disabilities have been denied the opportunity to reach and demonstrate their full abilities. However, if given the opportunity, it is a totally different story. This is the case of Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levits, two individuals with Down syndrome, who have completely succeeded in life despite their disability. Jason and Mitchell had the opportunity to write the book “Count us in: Growing up with Down syndrome,” which provides an understanding perspective that growing up with a disability means having the same desires and expectations as the rest of society. In this essay, I will provide a brief summary of Jason and Mitchell’s book and my reflections of their life growing up with a disability. “Count us in: Growing up with Down syndrome,” is a recount of Jason and Mitchel trials and accomplishments growing up with a disability. The book is based on conversation held by Jason with Mitchell and their respective parents. In some instances, when talking about issues that matter the most to them, Jason and Mitchell do it with humor and intelligence. They also talk about who they are, and most importantly, as Mitchell mentioned, “The Successful Story of Having Down syndrome.” This compelling book shares feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams in an important step towards demonstrating that two young people with disabilities are able to be part of society and everything that it entails. It also allows the reader to be in touch with people who have overcome adversity and have the ability to inspire others. Mainly, Jason and Mitchell strength…

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