Content analysis

Kindly carry out a social psychological study, which needs to be write up as a report. Kindly investigate a research question that is based on one out of three social psychological theories. To ease data collection, the data you are collecting should be material that can be accessed via the internet (e.g. news sites, online newspapers & magazines, advertisements, blogs, discussion forums, social media etc.; incl. images but excl. video or sound! The three theories that you need to choose from are listed below. Kindly, only choose one of those theories for the research paper: ? Elaboration?Likelihood Model (ELM) ? Social Identity model of De-individuation Effects (SIDE) ? Stereotype Content Model (SCM) Please also find attached the instructions as well as the structure for the research paper. Kindly make sure that you do NOT include a null hypothesis and also please make sure you create a title relevant to the research question that you will be doing. Once again, kindly follow carefully every step of my instructions that I will upload.

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