Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Let’s start with a “Win/Win Approach.”(Conflict Resolution Network – CRN. (2004, June 17) CRN Website Homepage. Retrieved June 17, 2004 from opponents or associates. This approach is about changing an issue from an oppositional attack, to agreement. This is a complete shift of belief in that it completely changes the communication between the parties involved. “Until we give it attention, we are usually unaware of the way we argue. We often find ourselves with a knee-jerk reaction in difficult situations – based on long established habits combined with the passing mood of the moment. When challenged, we experience separateness, disconnectedness from those around us – a feeling of “you or me’ – a sense that there isn’t enough for both of us and if one person is right, then the other person must be wrong. Often we haven’t taken even a moment to consider what is the best approach in the circumstances.” (CRN) Some individuals argue about their oppositional beliefs. They prefer to try and force their opinion on others in an effort to get their way. This manner of disagreement usually constitutes a “power struggle.” The communication during this time is not effective and causes hard feelings. The way to overcome this is to move down a different path by changing the topic of discussion. “The win/win approach says: “I want to win and I want you to win too.”(CRN) “The Creative response to conflict is about turning problems into possibilities. It is about consciously choosing to see what can be done, rather than staying with how terrible it all is. It is affirming that you will choose to extract the best formula to the situation.” (CRN) It is necessary to be positive even under conflict and work to remember that it’s not a “me against you/them,” but actually what is best for the company or group. “Our attitudes colour out thoughts. Usually we are…

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