Compare the nurturing environment of a home daycare provider to that of a multi million dollar health insurance carrier.

Is it really fair to compare the nurturing environment of a home daycare provider to that of a multi million dollar health insurance carrier or a technologically advanced communications group from the United States Air Force? While the differences between these organizations are obviously clear, the impacts from internal and external forces are quite similar. For these organizations to be successful they must identify and focus on an organizational mission while adhering and adapting to customer demands. We will discuss how the internal factor of the organizational mission and the external factor of customer demands impact the organizational behavior of these three organizations an individually run home daycare, the multi million dollar health insurance carrier Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and the 88th Communications Group of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. No matter the size or type of organization, identifying an organizational mission and listening to customer demands will aid an organization in being successful. Home Daycare Provider As a home daycare provider, my organizational mission involves many areas. My actual mission statement is, “To provide a loving and educational environment for the children in my care”. To encompass this statement organizational behavior is essential. In order to incorporate my mission into my job every day, I must first invest in a relationship with the parents of the children in my care. Open and honest communication between parents and providers can result in a rewarding experience for parents, providers, and most importantly, children. Parents need and want to know what their children have experienced each day while in my care. To provide high quality care, I need to be aware of each child’s experiences at home. There are many ways that I am able to meet these needs. Currently I share information about policies, activities, children’s successes, and child developm…

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