compare and contrast essay

This is for english 1010 ESSAY 3: THE COMPARE & CONTRAST ESSAY (EGL 1010) PROF. WRIGHT ABOUT THE ESSAY TYPE: The Compare & Contrast Essay is a platform where the writer examines one or multiple aspects of a subject or reading and discusses common and differing elements. Learn more about this writing approach in your textbook, Successful College Writing, p. 373 ? 381. See p. 382-383 as references for organization. PROMPT: Compare and contrast “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen and chapter 1 of A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Identify 3 concepts from the two texts and examine how the concept is presented in both texts. Provide adequate textual evidence to support your claims about both selections. Note: This essay?s body will be lengthier than three body paragraphs. SUGGESTIONS FOR TOPICS FOR THE MAJOR DIVISIONS OF THE BODY: (Note: These are only suggestions. You will need to use at least 3 topics OR create 3 of your own: author?s style of writing, author?s depiction of main character, setting, main character?s personality, the theme of independence vs. dependence, theme of adapting, theme of maturity vs. immaturity This essay will focus on 2 READING SELECTIONS: Reading Selection 1: Title: ?The Little Match Girl? Author: Hans Christian Andersen (1 page) Link: Reading Selection 2: Title: The Little Princess Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett (7 pages) Link: FORMATTING: Your essay will be in MLA format: Double spaced 1-inch margins (top, bottom, sides) Times New Roman (font); size 12 Indent paragraphs In-text Citations from both reading selections The body for this essay will exceed 3 body paragraphs. (See layout guides in Successful College Writing, pgs. 382- 383) Is a works cited required?: Yes. Both reading selections that will be used as the resources for textual evidence for this essay are online. Therefore, please use the website citation format for the works cited. You will have two resources on the works cited. TIP: The bibliographic information is not on this prompt sheet; you will have to go to the websites to get the information needed for your works cited. What is the word limit for this essay?: 750 words (starts from the first line of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion). Please aim to exceed the 750 word requirement. Do not go overboard; exceeding it by 100 to 200 words is sufficient. TIP: Remember to check your word count by highlighting from the first line of the introduction to the last line of the conclusion of your essay while in Microsoft Word. The total number of words will be the top number shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. Is an outline required?: Yes (A sentence outline is required. It will be the first page of your essay; it will not have page number. The page number will start on the first page of the essay.) TIP: To see a helpful video on how to format your page in Microsoft Word, go to the Resources/Links tab in Blackboard to access it. Also, sample outlines can be found under the Handouts/References tab on Blackboard if you need help with formatting. Is textual support from the readings (evidence) required? Yes. Please refer to the slideshow on in-text citations to ensure that you properly format each in-text citation

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