Comparative analysis of two retail (consumer electronics, i.e. JB Hi-Fi vs. Kogan) organisations

Word Limit: Up to 2,000 words maximum (excluding Appendices and References) Key Requirements: Select two retail organisations in the consumer electronics industry of Australia. Compare the marketing channels of these two organisations and address the following: -? A comparative analysis of the major participants in the marketing channels of the two organisations outlining the intermediaries from suppliers to end users (include locating a wholesaler if possible). -? The impact of the economic, competitive, sociocultural, technological and Legal environments that channel managers of these two organisations need to consider. (Obviously majority of these could be similar for both organisations, as they are in the same industry). -? A comparative analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses of the channel strategy and design of the two selected retail organisations. – The conclusion will consist of advice/recommendations for a (fictitious) new entrant to the consumer electronics retail industry, which is clearly based on the above analysis and findings. Report structure: – Introduction – Background: include brief description of the major participants in the marketing channels of the two retail organisations (i.e. JB Hi-Fi vs. Kogan). – External environment impacting the channels of the two organisations (PESTLE analysis) – Strengths and weaknesses of the channels of the two firms. – Discussion and Recommendations – Conclusion – List of references – Appendices (if any)

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