Community Assessment

The Community will be Shreveport, Louisiana. An introduction is present which includes a thesis statement that is thoughtful and well formulated. Introduction includes a brief introduction of the community that includes geographic and demographic information. Geographic and demographic information that utilizes a research resource is cited properly according to APA 6th edition citation rules.Community assessment includes history, culture, & characteristics; components described include facts about the neighborhood or town, the current residents, the physical conditions, the economic conditions, the social conditions, and the political conditions. Community assessment includes an analysis of internal community resources; described components include information about homeowners, renters, faith-based institutions, business and property owners, social service agencies, large institutions, & community organizations. Community assessment includes an analysis of external community resources; described components include information about corporations, philanthropic organizations, government, and large external institutions.Summary is provided that clearly and succinctly identifies strengths and potential areas of need that consensus organizing might address. An explanation of the reasons why the student believes the area is important to the community is provided. Summary is thoughtful and includes information about the organizer?s potential role, including potential sources of support or community leadership.

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