Commercial Analysis of the Digital Publishing Market (Preparing to Launch a New Product)

The Commercial Analysis is on a Digital Publishing Application (similar to Flipboard) which is basically a digital magazine with curated content let it be called “DPA” Support everything with researched content and real existing similar companies and examples I need you to write the Analysis of certain parts: 1. Product Review- what do you believe makes the product to be launched different – how could it be improved (future enhancements) Phase 2 will be allowing anyone to curate magazines – managing these magazines on the mobile device requires some thought; how does a magazine get to the top (think google ranking perhaps?) 2. Product Marketing(communication)- Strategies for marketing a digital magazine app for Iphone & Ipad 3. Monetisation (The MOST IMPORTANT PART) Routes to making revenue – explore existing models, How are we going to monetize this business? (Google Ad words), Finding ways to advertise like a magazine. Research Hard copy and Digital Magazine Advert Costs – build a model – What are the facts and figures (how much do we charge?) – Comparisons of Facts and Figures in other Digital Publishing Market (youtube, flipboard, etc) – Projections up to 3 years (Spreadsheet Excel) For the ?DPA? project it needs to be special display of advertising making it: Seamless & Target Audience (the price will vary on the number of Users reading specific articles)

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