Cofer’s memoir reminds me of my own granddmother.

Mi Abuela I found Ms. Judith Ortiz Cofer’s grandmother uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable because the grandmother in Cofer’s memoir reminds me of my own granddmother. The way her “abuela” explains things by telling her own story, makes me think about the way my grandmother explains herself to me. She always tells me of the past and how she grew up. My grandmother is very set in her ways. That’s also the impression I have about Cofer’s grandmother. Also, Cofer’s grandmother is very adamant about the woman she is, and her lifestyle. She is willing to suffer just so she can be devoted to helping others. Cofer refers to her as a champion in her eyes. Abuela has five kids, and so does mine, but my grandmother did not have to take care of her husband, and, she didn’t ever give her kids to anyone to take of. My grandmother believed in staying home with her children until they were old enough by her standards. Although, Cofer and I come from different backgrounds, we have a lot of similarities as well as differences when referring to our grandmothers. One difference; Abuela is Puerto Rican, my grandmother was born and raised in the United States. Abuela was known for taking in and raising foster children. My grandmother didn’t raise any other children other than her own. My grandmother had four girls and one son. Whereas Abuela, she had two sons and three daughters. In addition all of the foster children she helped. Those few mentioned, are about the only differences I can think of.When I compare my grandmother to Abuela, I tend to see more of the similarities. In Cofer’s story, it is like she is almost taken aback by her abuela. She speaks very highly of her. You can tell she has enormous love and respect for this woman. I feel the same way about my grandma. She has been a huge impact in my life. She has taught me many useful things, and she says to take with me on my journey. I think of my …

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