Weight: 40% of the total unit mark Task Your assignment needs to be structured according to the conventions of academic writing, and include an introduction, an integrated conclusion and subheadings as required. You must write an essay style: do not use dot point format. Your response needs to be supported by recent evidence based resources. This could include information from your texts or from other peer reviewed sources. ? Outline the incidence/ prevalence and main causes of chronic kidney disease in Australia, compare Australia to another country of your choice. ? Critically analyse Mariah initial presenting clinical manifestations and explain why each of these have developed. Critically discuss Nursing assessment and further investigations required based on the assessment findings. ? Discuss the treatment options for end stage renal failure. Incorporate a comprehensive comparison between each of the treatment options. Critically discuss the implications of each of the treatment options in relation to Mariah as an adult, taking a patient centred care approach. ? Critically analyse one ethical and legal issue that relates to Mariah’s case. What are the legal and ethical considerations that relate to Mariah’s treatment pick one stage across her lifespan to discuss?

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