Changing Perspective (average joe)

Every time we switch the T.V on lately there seems to be a new American reality show. An example of this is The Bachelor where they pick about 20 of the hottest girls or guys from around the country to compete for the love of one member of the opposite sex. By the end they are supposedly meant to be matched up with their perfect partner and live happily ever after. But we all know that’s a load of rubbish and it’s always the best looking guy or girl that wins over the bachelors heart. When the new show called Average Joe began for once we could change our perspective and know it’s not going to be a show based on looks. The whole idea of the show was to try and change Melena’s perspective of how her perfect partner should be. When the show began Melena was raving on about how she had only dated decent looking guys, but it is really what they are like on the inside that counts and looks don’t matter. We all found out that was a huge lie when we saw the look on her face as 16 of the biggest geeks turned up on her doorstep. She told the host 95% weren’t her type and she hadn’t even met the poor fellers. But could her perspectives be changed? She decided to give the guys a fair chance and actually began to get along with the them and realised they weren’t that bad. She was beginning to look past their appearance. But could Melena really fall for one of the Average Joes’. Time went on and Melena started to see through their outside appearance and admitted she was starting to fall for a few of them. Her perspectives had completely changed. She was getting to know them and was starting to see the inner beauty of people”?or was it because she hadn’t seen a decent guy for a while. But just when we thought Melena had been cured of choosing looks over personality the show took a twist and three tall pretty boy models turned up and were going to be competing against the Average Joes’. At the ending of the s…

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