challenges and obstacles of facing Muslim women: in the West and Muslim women in the Muslim world.

Essay. You are to write an essay about challenges and obstacles of facing Muslim women: in the West and Muslim women in the Muslim world. You are to read and or watch the material provided below. Make sure you analyze the articles and also critique them if you can. At the heart of this essay is for you to compare these challenges Muslim women face in these two words. Make sure you support your statements (by citing sources). Do not make any assumptions as one of the main objective of our class is not to pass any judgment or stereotype on others. Essay Guidelines ? You must hand in a hard copy by the beginning of class April 8, 2016. You must upload your essay on D2l through Dropbox item. ? Your essay must be typed in Times New Romans with 12? fonts. Double Spaced, with standard margins. ? You must cite your essay. Minimum of three scholarly sources are required. ? Your sources must be from scholarly work (articles and books). Do not use internet sources or websites. ? The essay must have a title. ? The essay must answer the question (s). ? It must be free of grammatical errors with clear introduction, argument (theses) and a conclusion. ? The essay must be no less than 4-5 pages (a minimum of 1,250 words) . ? Writing styles: — Writing style either MLA or Chicago writing style. Use the following websites as a guidance for writing styles. ? MLA: ? Chicago: If you are quoting from a source you need to attach a copy of the page you borrowed the quote from. This is only for quotes between brackets ?quotes?. Grading of an essay: 1- Missing title 10% 2- Missing argument 10% 3- Missing introduction 30% 4- Grammatical errors 10% 5- Fails to answer questions 50%. 6- Does not meet the expected length 10-20% per page. 7- Missing citations and sources (this includes sources that are not scholarly such as other internet sources, i.g., wikipedia…) 40%. 8- Missing citations in the text 20%. 9- Missing sources at the end of the essay 20%. Sources to choose from: file:///E:/Muslim%20Womens%20Rights%20in%20the%20Global%20Village-%20Challenges%20and%20Oppor.pdf Websites and Articles video Sexual harassment: What does it mean? Do men sexually harass veiled/ covered women? Books Yvonne Yazbeck, The Challenge of Islamic Identity Today.

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