Case Study: Learning from Amazon?s culture of metrics

Assessment Brief: Individual coursework: The coursework consists of a seen case study of digital media scenario. Students have to answer questions on the evaluation of digital media, based on the case study, scenario or any additional information provided for the coursework. Case Study: Learning from Amazon?s culture of metrics Article Link: Questions (25 marks per question): 1- By referring to the case study, Amazon?s website for your country (Australia) and your experience of Amazon offline communications, evaluate how well Amazon communicate their core proposition and promotional offers. (500 words) 2- Using the case study, characterise Amazon?s approach to marketing communications. (500 words) 3- Explain what distinguishes Amazon in its uses of technology for competitive advantage. (500 words) 4- How does the Amazon ?Culture of Metrics? differ from that in other organisations from your experience? (500 words) General Points Keep to the limit of words. Diagrams, tables, spreadsheets and references are not included in the word count. Ensure that your answers are clear, precise, easy to understand and clearly structured. Reference your ideas, sources and reading to substantiate your argument (Web sites and other media).

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