case study

Your case study MUST include BOTH a short SUMMARY and YOUR reaction….. The case study MUST include all the following: —– be minimum 180 words (about the case study — not counting quoted text). —– be spell-checked with a computer spell checker. —– include BOTH a (1) short summary (paraphrased text from the textbook case study) AND (2) your reaction (your own worded opinion) to the case study. —– include also the title, chapter number and textbook edition. Include this BOTH in your postingSUBJECT and as the TITLE on top of your posting.The subject and the title must be the same as the title in your textbook. You MUST include the textbook chapter number and the textbook edition — since students are allowed to use different editions of the textbook for the class. Here is an example of a good Subject/Title: Case Study: Stabilizing Our Climate. Chapter 9. Ed. 5. to the topic ?NOTE: A summary is NOT a quote… In your reaction you may include a SHORT quote to show what you are commenting about, but this quote WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE 180 WORDS. If you quote, make sure that you mark the quote clearly?????? Copying text from the textbook and from the Internet, and presenting it as if the students own work (short quotes are allowed, if marked as quotes, and the source) but the quotes words will be counted towards the 180 words

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