Case Study 2

Case Study 2: Tenisha Freeman started a business in 2003 to provide corporate training in project management. She initially organized her business as a sole proprietorship. Until 2009, she did most of her work on a contract basis for Corporation Education Services (CES). Under the terms of her contract, Freeman was responsible for teaching 3-to-5 day courses to corporate clients, primarily Fortune 1000 companies. She was compensated according to a negotiated daily rate, and expenses incurred during a course (hotels, meals, transportation, etc.) were reimbursed by CES. Although some expenses were not reimbursed by CES (such as those for computers and office supplies), Freeman costs usually amounted to less than 1 percent of her revenues. In 2009, Freeman increasingly found herself working directly with corporate clients rather than contracting with CES. Over the years, she had considered incorporating but had assumed the costs and inconveniences of this option would outweigh the benefits. However, some of her new clients said that they would prefer to contract with a corporation rather than with an individual. And Freeman sometimes wondered potential liability problems. On the one hand, she didn?t have the same liability issues as some other businesses ? she worked out of her home, clients never visited her office, all courses were conducted in hotels or corporate facilities, and her business involved only services. However, she wasn?t sure what would happen if a client were dissatisfied with the content and outcomes of her instruction. Finally, she wondered whether there would be tax advantages to incorporating. Question 1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of running the business as a sole proprietorship? As a corporation? Question 2: If Freeman decided to incorporate her business, which types of corporations could she form? Which type would you recommend? CASE STUDY ANALYSIS PR EPARATION GUIDELINES: The following is a suggested guideline for preparing your case study analyses: Cover Page (Include Case Study Title, Student Name, Date of Submission; Executive Summary (recommended ? should be written last to focus on key points/findings); Introduction Current Situation Analysis and pertinent Background including a synopsis of the relevant information from the case analysis. Body ? Key Issues/Goals/Problems ? Decision Criteria ? Assumptions ? Data Analysis (if warranted) Preferred Alternative with rationale. ? Justification/Predicted Outcome or Recommendations: It is important that all guesstimates or creative ideas be founded upon some rationale. If you are not confident in your ability to do so?PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISCUSS ?HOW TO? with your instructor well in advance of your case submission due date. Conclusion and References: It is recommended that you source business journals, periodicals, and textual references as well as any online research. Make sure you support your ideas with facts and figures. Please try to use your own words and ideas based on research. Copying and pasting the work of others from the Internet is not research which means it is not evidentiary of learning on the part of the student thus marginalizing the quality of class contribution. Adhere to the inclusion of MLA or APA style in-text citations as well as an alphabetical ?Works Cited? or ?References? list in the references section. Appendices All charts, financials, visuals, and other related items if applicable can be placed here and referenced in the report. Note: For details on MLA or APA style formatting, refer to the EFSC on-line or on-ground library resources as well as researching outside references such as: and/or Font: Times New Roman or Arial, 12 pt. Margins: 1 inch all around; page numbers on every page. Minimum 1 ® -2 pages required, not including the cover and reference pages.

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