Career Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is a career I was born to do, and Georgia University is the place I could pursue that career. I have been doing a lot research on this college and I must say Georgia University is the best one I have come across. One of the things I am looking forward to if I get in Georgia University, is working in the workshop. There I will get the experience to work on machines that I will build and fix. When I was fourteen years of age I board a plane named BWIA (British West Indies Airline) the plane was extremely big and scary, but I had to face my fears that day. I was scared when I first saw the plane, but when I got in I was so curious to know more about it. When I sat down I read magazines about that plane that told me about places the plane could take me. That was not what I wanted to know. I wanted to know what made that machine fly I wanted to know about that mega engine that was build inside. So in other for me to know about planes I did lots of research on them. Everyday I learn something new that motivates me, to go for more. I need to be working on these machines myself, I need to be fixing them and building them. I not only want to learn about them but I would like to work on them myself. I have always wanted to be a big helper to the people of this world and in other to achieve that goal that I have set in life, I need to be fixing and building the thing that takes people around. People travel everyday and plane crashes happens mostly every year. I think with your help of teachings, I could stop the crashing of planes when I fix and build my own type of planes. I am a hard worker, and the type of person who comes up with various Ideas very quickly. I have traveled on planes and felt how they work but I am curious of how they work and I want to make them work better. All that I need to do so is the best college there is. That’s why I choose Georgia University with your help I know I c…

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