Carbon Monoxide An experiance I will never forget

There is one event that has truly impacted my life, getting carbon monoxide poisoning. The experience changed my life just thinking about it makes me remember the feeling I felt when it happened. It all started when my family moved to Colorado. It was mid-October and the weather was getting cold especially at night. My dad had a new job that came with a house. We were waiting to get into it, and were staying in a camper/RV on Montezuma road (in Keystone). My dad and my younger sister Melissa were staying at his work. It was my mother, younger sister Jenny, and me in the camper. That night we decided to rent a movie and watch it after we made dinner. During the middle of the movie we were all getting headaches and were feeling really dizzy and tired. I thought we might have carbon monoxide poisoning from cooking on the stove. So we opened the door and let it air out. We weren’t too concerned because we had a carbon monoxide detector and it hadn’t gone off. After the movie we were still really tired and decide to go to bed. Early the next morning sometime around two or three a.m., I woke up and knew something was wrong. I had suspected we had carbon monoxide poisoning but wasn’t sure all I knew was that we had to get out of the camper. I had a terrible headache it was so different than any other headache I had ever had. I couldn’t move, I just lay there and thought if I can’t get up then how are we going to survive. Finally, after laying there for quit some time I gathered all the strength I had to roll off the bed. I then started crawling to the back of the camper were my mom and sister were sleeping. I was able to get my sister out of bed. I told her to get the animals in the other camper(we had two campers). Then we went back for my mom. She didn’t want to get out of bed she complained of being tired and her head hurting. It took my sister and me practically yelling at her to get up before she even attempted to tr…

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