Can restorative justice practices help reform the traditional criminal justice model?

1. Abstract The abstract should include your research questions, the theory or theories that inform your research, the methods of data collection and analysis to be used, and what you believe you will find as a result of your study. 2. After you have identified a specific topic, you will then develop your own unique area of discussion and analysis: introduction, literature review, theory and methods, and possible finding. 3. Citations You must use the APA guide for identifying authors cited in the text as well as the bibliography listing all sources used in alphabetical order. If you are not familiar with APA, there are reference guides in the library as well as on-line sources. 4. Placement of graphs, figures, or tables: If you use graphs, figures, or tables in your paper, I would prefer that you note their location in the text, [TABLE 1 HERE], and compile all tables at the end of the paper. This is easier for both the writer and the reader. 5. Format Papers must be type, double spaced, with one-inch side, top, and bottom margins and use a 12 point font. A cover page with the title and your name is sufficient. The minimum page requirement for the paper is 10 pages (NOTE: cover, reference, graphs, figures and, tables pages will not be counted as part of the 10 pages). Specific focus on Restorative Justice Process/Practices and if Criminal Justice Practitioners are utilizing this approach Include statistical data on restorative justice outcomes if any is found while researching. Any data on restorative practices in the Houston area or Texas area if possible

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