By considering the way the characters behave and change, exa

By considering the way the characters behave and change, examine the suggestion that the main message of “Animal Farm’ is “power corrupts’ Animal Farm focuses not just on the point “power corrupts’ but also on the issue of independence. The animals on the farm are fed up of being starved and tired and dream of better places. So, lead by Snowball and Napoleon the pigs they expel the farmer and set off to independently and successfully run their own farm. But Snowball and Napoleon have other plans, they plan to rule over the other animals without them knowing it. The majority of the animals in “Animal Farm’ do not become power corrupt as they have no power whatsoever but believe they have and do not fight for it. The animals that do become corrupt are the pigs and the dogs and they become immensely so. The pigs take away food from the other animals in order to feed comfortably, “Starvation seemed to stare them(other animals) in the face’. Napoleon takes the newly-born puppies as soon as they have been weaned to train them to be his personal guards long before he has sent Snowball away from the farm. This shows that he planned to rule over the farm himself, without Snowball, almost from the beginning. Napoleon’s own sense of power (and also the other animals’ sense of Napoleon’s power) kept expanding as Napoleon kept on inventing new awards and awarding them only to himself: “He had recently awarded himself “Animal Hero: First class and Animal Hero: Second Class’. The main point of this would to make himself appear more important to the other animals and thus gaining their respect. He scared all the other animals, save the pigs and the dogs, into doing what he wanted by the way of the dogs: ” They were huge dogs and as fierce-looking as wolves’, “The dogs who happened to be with him (Squealer) growled so threateningly, that they accepted his explanation without further questions’, “…

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