Art & Copy

ART & COPY is film about advertising and inspiration. It reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time — people who’ve profoundly impacted our culture. Exploding forth from advertising’s “creative revolution” of the 1960s, these artists and writers all brought a surprisingly rebellious spirit to their work in a business more often associated with mediocrity or manipulation. Among those highlighted are: George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney those responsible for such tag lines as “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Where’s the Beef?,” “Got Milk,” “Think Different,” and brilliant campaigns for everything from cars to presidents. 1. Identify one of the individuals covered in the film and talk about how they managed to grab the attention of the millions. 2. Would their approach be relevant/impactful today? Why or why not? 3. Can you imagine applying any of the approaches you saw in the film to the promotion of the product you will present in class? Explain.

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