Argument Essay Outline about GMO food

Could you write an outline about ‘GMO food can cause diseases for human’ 1) Prepare a title page for your final research paper according to APA guidelines. 2) Outline the content of your arguments and evidence for your final research paper. You may transfer information from previous assignments you have already written directly to the outline, but please remember to include parenthetical citations according to APA format for any sources you cite. You may also include a paragraph on opposing viewpoints as discussed in the discussion question for this session. This assignment does not necessarily require you to do more research at this point, unless you have not written about your topic to date. It is not necessarily the final outline you will use for the paper and will be subject to change as you conduct more research. It is intended to draw connections between paragraph organization and essay organization, to further your progress in organizing your final paper, and to allow practice of APA format. Please do ensure proper spelling and grammar when completing the assignment. Prepare the document in Microsoft Word, and submit it as an attachment in the link below. Please do not be inhibited by the concept of outlining. I am more concerned that you are already thinking about the organization of your topic, so we can make progress in the next session on the types of research you need to conduct to complete the assignment. 3) Prepare a reference page in APA format in which you list sources used to complete your outline or to gain information regarding your topic. Include at least five actual or potential sources.

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