Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arab Israeli Conflict Essay: Compare and contrast the impact of the creation of Israel on the Jews and Palestinians. When Israel was formed, it resulted in contrast between the Zionism movement of the Jews and the pursuit of the Arabs to hold onto their land. This lead to conflict and fighting, and both peoples responded to the conflict in similar ways, terrorism and violence. Under the newly established United Nations, the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine and the 22nd committee to discuss the future of Palestine, made the decision was made that Palestine would be divided into an Arab state, a democratic Jewish state and a UN or international zone compromising Jerusalem and the surrounding area. This proposition gained wide support from world superpowers USA and the Soviet Union and on 14 May 1948, the day before the British mandate over Palestine ended, Israel was founded and declared independence, the zenith of Zionism. When Britain made the announcement they would leave Palestine on May 14th, they made it clear that they would not take part in the UN plan to partition the area, leaving the Jews and Palestinians to do it themselves, leading to increased immigration, Arab refugees and the birth of terrorism. The creation of Israel was a significant step in the long history of the Zionism movement, a culmination of the generations of Jews who had strove to obtain a homeland. It had taken Zionists seventy years to purchase 7% of Palestine and they would now gain another 50% in a few hours. The day the British mandate ended, the future Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, proclaimed Israel to be an independent state, a home for Jews. However, many Jews were unsatisfied with Jerusalem being placed in an international zone (policed by the UN), and wanted unrestricted access to it as it was one of their holy places. As David Ben-Gurion said, “Tens of thousands of our youth are prepared to lay down their lives for…

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