Approaches to leadership, Part 1

As a leader, you are likely to have a preferred leadership style. You have developed this style because it fits your personality, through experience, and probably based on some level of reflection on which approaches seem to work best. From what you have learned from earlier personality assessments in Week 4, reflect on how your own leadership style aligns with your personality traits and accentuates your natural strengths. Throughout your experience as a leader, you may have occasionally asked yourself whether you might have handled certain leadership challenges differently, and whether another leader with a different approach might have been more successful. This type of reflection is critical to your future development as a leader. An additional important input to continued leadership development is the scholarly literature on leadership and its capacity to inform your practice. Critically examine this literature and various theories on leadership. Working to apply key ideas to your practice and reflecting on the results are marks of the scholar-practitioner. One way to practice this process is to consider leadership challenges you currently face, think about how key leadership theories might enable you to approach a particular problem differently, and reflect on the possible results. This Collaboration will take place over the next two weeks and give you an opportunity to share ideas with your colleagues about how you might use leadership theory to address your current leadership challenges. To prepare for this Collaboration: ? Review the required readings on theories of leadership and watch the video titled Good Leaders Are Authentic Leaders. ? Reflect on the definition of authentic leadership and how best to acquire traits associated with authentic leaders. ? Conduct your own library research to locate at least two additional scholarly resources on leadership theories or models. ? Compare the various theories, thinking about their applicability in different situations. You may wish to create a short written piece, table or other narrative or graphic that highlights the key differences between the theories. You do not have to submit this, but it will help you to complete this activity as well as the leadership analysis you will work on for your Module Project. ? Reflect on a current leadership challenge or problem you or others have faced, preferably in your workplace or related to your organization, and write down what you know about the problem, including how it arose, who is involved and what the impact is on your organization, as well as what leadership approaches you are currently using. To complete this Collaboration: address the following issues/questions: ? Describe your leadership challenge or problem, what you know about the problem, and what leadership approaches you are currently using. ? Describe how at least two of this week?s readings on leadership theories and/or another resource you found reflect or contradict your current leadership approach. Submit your initial response to the Turnitin link provided and post to the Collaboration Forum.

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