Apply for CISB program (international Studies in Business)

There are 3 parts. 1)” Describe the nature and length of any visits in your target region.” (My situation is a little bit unique, because I am applying for U.S. track, but I am an immigrant, came to the U.S. from China 7 years ago. I went to high school in the U.S., and I am studying in University in the U.S. I talked to my advisor, she said because Chinese is my first language, she suggested me to apply for U.S. track.) 2) “Participation in CISB language track activities provides students with the opportunity to attend and organize extra-curricular events such as speakers, field trips, and track meeting. Most activities are Thursday evenings and participation is mandatory. Will your participation in CISB conflict with your work schedule? Please explain.” I work as a part-time, but in most of the time, my working hours will be in Tuesday night and weekend. So there’s no conflict, and I want to show I can manage my time well…) 3)” Please explain why you should be admitted to the CISB Program, Please include any information that will help the admissions committee see your strengths and potential as a student in the CISB Program. ” – I am bilingual, has knowledge about Asian culture (as a Chinese) – I have always been interested in international business – I read global news from different international news sources regularly – I took an international business course IBUS300 before, and I feel this experience has been one that has fundamentally transformed my understandings of global business. – Anything else…?

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