any works of art

5-8 written pages, double-spaced, include a cover sheet (that is not one of the 5-8 pages), bibliography with no less than 3 resources, and a slide sheet of images referencing your research. (I explain a slide sheet below) You may NOT use the course textbook as one of your resources and one of those 3 resources must be a (book) resource. Do NOT use ANY Web sites-NONE! I check your bibliography first and dock points for the use of any .com, .edu, .net, .gov sources. Articles/Journals/Authored and Published documents found on-line are acceptable as these are not web sites. These are found in databases as described below. All sources must be authored and have a publication date. You must use the Humanities System MLA/Chicago/Terabian citation styles to reference your works. Be sure to cite your research within the body of your text. Papers without citation will receive a maximum of 50% of points possible. Lack of citation within the text drops your grade to 50 before I begin grading. Citation is simple once you know how to do it. Technically, you are plagiarizing information if you do not give credit. Please see the Rod Library page on plagiarism for a complete understanding of the consequences associated with this action and how to avoid it You may organize your paper in any way that suites your interests with the following exceptions: Do NOT write your paper about: ?The Mona Lisa ?The Last Supper ?van Gogh?s Starry Night ?Michelangelo?s David or The Sistine Chapel ?American Gothic ?The Scream ?Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali Students have over used the topics above, which lead to a great deal of concern about copying. Refrain from writing about too common of topics as this leads me to investigate plagiaristic tendencies. There are thousands of works of art. Research something new to you, it will be much more interesting and educational. Also, be sure that your paper is cohesive and that the works you are writing about have a common thread or that you are finding correlations between the works you have chosen to represent. A good research paper has flow from one idea to the next and is able to come together in the end to make a viable observation. Do not write about random works of art. Make sure you are researching art from the same genre, time period, artist, or class of work. The objective of this assignment is for you to research works of art that intrigue or inspire beyond what you learned from the textbook. You may choose works from the same time period or span over centuries. Use the course textbook only as a starting point to introduce you to diversity in the art world. Include images as a slide sheet at the end of your paper and use proper MLA citation to represent the work. Be sure to visit the writing center on how to properly document and cite resources and images for research purposes. The cover sheet, bibliography, and slide sheet are not included in your page requirement but are a required for this paper. Excluding any of these elements will result in a deduction of points. Do NOT write from first person perspective. A research paper is a collection of viable information gathered from authorities on the subject you are studying. This paper is not about you, it is about the work you are interested in, therefore, do not use ?I statements? that reference your perspective, option, or objective. Essentially, you are restating what someone else said and then citing that they said it. This is a formal paper that helps you learn about the world of art. Research papers will be turned in electronically via Bb in Microsoft Word format only! Submit the paper as an attachment. Do NOT copy and paste into the submission field as it appears to me in a jumbled mess with no access to the images. I will not accept any other format ? submit in Word format as an attachment. Papers may be turned in early. Please see the calendar for the due date and time. Late papers or papers in non-Word format will be graded as zero. What is a slide sheet of images? A slide sheet is simply a sheet at the back of your paper that lists the images you reference in your paper. It is basically a bibliography of images. List them as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. You must reference the figure ?Fig.? in the text of your paper. Include the citation for the image under the image on the slide sheet. You may copy images from the web, just be sure to properly cite the image and where you took it from. Include several images on a single sheet or more if necessary by formatting the image to fit your sheet. Here is link to MLA format for citation of an image. Or you can use Just type in the information for the image, picture, sculpture, etc you are citing and it will create the citation for you. What is a Database? A database is essentially a warehouse of information located online. It is not a website! Art Full Text and Ebsco amongst others, provided on the Rod Library web site, are databases of information. All the databases located via Rod Library are acceptable forms of viable information. The university pays thousands of dollars for your free access to this information. Use it. Again? ?Double-space your research paper. ?The textbook can NOT be used as a resource, however, use it as inspiration to guide your research. Use something of personal interest from the text as your starting place and further your research on that topic. You determine the content based on your choice of research. The content of your paper comes from the information your acquire and provide in the paper. ?Make sure your research is cohesive. This is a very short paper so be concise and focus your research on a direct subject. Do not write about a bunch of random works of art. That is not…”cohesive or concise.” ?You must use images to support your research. Reference your images throughout your paper. Cite your images on your slide sheet under the image. For proper image citation, review the rules of your chosen citation format. ?Databases that are located online are NOT web sites. A database is a “warehouse” of information that is located on line. A database houses numerous formal documents authored by viable researchers. Web sites are authored by unknown writers and therefore are not acceptable for a formal research paper. You will be docked significant points for using web-based resources. USE the “databases A-Z” located through the Rod Library. You will find a wealth of information that will make this process easy and enjoyable.

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