Anxiety and mood disorders

Everyone experienced some sort of anxiety feeling before an important event, such as an important exam, going on the 1st date, going on the roller coaster for the 1st time, and etc. during their lifetime. When this anxiety start to be an overwhelming thought in a person’s mind and causes nightmares, fears, and panic attacks, it becomes an illness, called anxiety disorder. There are three main theories to the cause of anxiety disorder, the Biological Theory, the Behavioral Theory, and the Psychodynamic Theory. The Biological theory indicates anxiety disorder is cause by a chemical imbalance in the brain from a build-up of stress, the use of drug and alcohol, or genetically from parents. The Behavioral Theory says this illness is cause by consistently learning to react negatively to events. The Psychodynamic Theory says childhood issues, such as trauma during childhood, are the causes of anxiety disorder. There are many effective medication treatments and psychotherapy treatments to anxiety disorder. However, the psychotherapy treatments are the better ways to treat anxiety disorder. Medication treatments have a few disadvantages. As oppose to the psychotherapy treatments such as the Behavior Therapy, the Cognitive Therapy, and the Relaxation Techniques, which are effective and beneficial. Medications can help to treat anxiety disorder; these medications generally belong to a chemical group called the benzodiazepines. They are widely used, safe, and effective, for the short-term relief of anxiety symptoms. Most often, they are taken as needed, when your anxiety becomes especially bothersome. but it is not the best treatment. Medications can only help to relief the symptoms of anxiety disorder by restoring the chemical imbalance that lead to the symptoms, but does not treat the cause of it. (Anxiety and Stress) Also, there are side effects to most medications, which can cause other symptoms. Medications can only help during…

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