Anthony Psyc498

Read below forum and write a reply to it: Psychology has always been a subject that has drawn my attention. I remember when I took my first psychology course in college, I realized that this is a field that I wanted to get into. I knew that psychology was a broad field but I didn?t know all the different career paths that you could take. Like most when I thought of psychology I thought of a psychologist or a counselor. Throughout my academic journey I have learned about many other opportunities that are out there. After reviewing some of the career opportunities that are out there, the one that really catches my interest would have to be Industrial and organizational psychology or I/O psychology. Until this course I didn?t know that this field even existed. After reading up on this specific field of psychology I realized that this is what I want to pursue a career in. For a long time, I wanted to do something that was dealing with the corporate world and I?m very interested in psychology so this seems to be the best of both worlds. I know that picking this career field that I have to prepare myself to further my education. From what I have read there is very limited job opportunities for an individual with just a bachelor?s degree but the doors start to open once you get your master?s degree, PHD or PsyD. Most companies will employ you at an entry level with your master?s degree but in the end it would seem that you are going to have to work towards your doctoral degree. Being in the military there are a lot of times that the work place can get very frustrating, as a leader you have to be able to keep your soldiers motivated, try to keep them from seeing so much negativity, make their job more enjoyable. That being said I feel that if I could educate myself further, that I would make a great I/O Psychologist. So many times you here others complain about things and wish that they could make a change within the work place and this field allows you the opportunity to do that. I personally don?t know anyone that is actively in this field so that I might get their point of view on this career path but I do thing that this career path could be a very rewarding one, knowing that you are making a difference.

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