Answering the Question Who Are You?

I have come to a point in my life wherein the question “who are you?” has become the primordial pulse beating upon my temples. There are moments when things just seem so senseless that I forget why it is I am here. Sometimes it feels like the world is changing for all the wrong reasons. It seems delusional to think that things could get any better than it already is. Why is everything in such a hopeless state? At some point or another, we all unconsciously delve into reveries of unending questions ringing in our heads. We are constantly at war with ourselves. So many of us live our lives obsessed with acquiring worldly possessions, and we consume ourselves with superficial idealisms. We want to be more and more of a certain something; we convince ourselves that there is always something lacking in our lives. Dissatisfaction it seems has become an epidemic. But what if the essence of who we are, right now, this very moment, is enough? More than ever, I have come to know myself as a very contemplative individual. I know I have always been, it is just that I never really cared to notice before. When I look back, I remember myself as a child, always daydreaming, my head always in the clouds and my mind in constant inquisition of something I could not perceive by my senses alone. I remember how I loved to gaze out into the distance, trying full-heartedly to reach that final place in my mind where the horizon would come to an end. To this very day, I still feel that same child-like elation when I catch myself basking in the moment, and allowing my mind to journey off into the distant lands of my inner self. I find pure delight and excitement in this ever-growing inquest of self-discovery and self-creation. In our ever-changing fast-paced world, it proves to be increasingly difficult to achieve a state of inner contemplation. We drive our lives in fourth gear, thinking that the faster we go, the faster we are to achieving self-fulfi…

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