Anne Frank’s amazing ability of keeping faith living in the oppressed world of war torn Europe is remarkable.

“The Diary Of Anne Frank” Anne Frank’s amazing ability of keeping faith living in the oppressed world of war torn Europe is remarkable. Her diary gives its reader an insight into Anne’s life before the Frank’s go into hiding from the nazi’s. A young Jewish girl with a zest for life and a bubbly personality, this girl maintains her passion for living and outgoing nature from beginning to end. Although the Germans may have forced her into hiding she seems determined to go on living. She is tolerant of the suffering around her, courageous in her circumstances, faithful in her beliefs and she endures immense hardships, never knowing if the end is in sight. This, I believe, makes her a hero. The Diary of Anne Frank proposes a different sort of hero. Ann is a hero within herself, and to herself. Her outlook on life, (although benefiting those around her), is ultimately the foundation of her heroism. She rescues herself from depression and torment. She stands as firmly on her beliefs and principles at the end of the book as she did at the beginning. Previously my view of a hero was someone who actively helps others; a selfless hero. Anne helps herself, and as a result helps others. She was selfless in a way; always thinking of others worse off than herself and praying that god would help them. However this quality is slightly sidelined in this interpretation of a hero. Anne’s values beliefs and principles were unshaken during her ordeal. I can only imagine the temptation of denouncing her religion and Jewish heritage so that she could live a “normal’ life in the anti-Semitism of society in the early 1940’s. I believe this is a heroic concept, along with her ability to seek out and focus on the beauty still left in her world. This in itself can often be difficult, but it was how Anne coped, nature was her escape. Heroism is displayed through her resounding optimism and hopeful nature in people, and in god. “Weary …

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