Anne Frank is a thirteen-year-old Jewish female character from the book called Anne Frank.

Anne Frank is a thirteen-year-old Jewish female character from the book called Anne Frank. This book is actually a real diary based on her life during the holocaust. She basically talks about their situation during that period and she also mentions some things about her different emotions. So, in this piece I am going to give a basic description of Anne Frank. Anne Frank is physically characterized to be a very attractive teenage girl. For example, Anne writes in her journal ” I have strings of boy-friends, anxious to catch a glimpse of me, and who failing that, peep at me through mirrors in class” (Frank, 30). This quote proves that as a young teenage girl, Anne must portray very attractive features to have such a popular status among the boys. Second of all, some where through the story she asked her sister, Margot, what she thought of her ” I asked Margot if she thought I ugly. She said I was quite attractive and that I had nice eyes” (40). It is quite unusual when a girl tells another girl that they are pretty. Since, in this case Margot did admit it, it must mean that Anne must be something beautiful. Another thing is that, Anne might be so pretty that, that it is not worth for another girl to get jealous. Third of all, in the beginning of the book Anne talks about how many boy friends she had, and there were quite a few of them. Some of these boys were older than her; it’s rare for guys to go for younger girls at this age. Since, this instant has taken place, it proves that Anne was a gorgeous young girl. To conclude, Anne Frank was a girl with beautiful physical features. Anne Frank is emotionally characterized as a person who faces a lot of depression. First of all, this is seen when Anne writes in her journal “I am not jealous of Margot, I don’t envy her good looks or her beauty. It is only that I long for daddy’s real love: not only as his child, for me. Anne, myself” ( Frank, 45). This statement proves t…

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