An Ominous Baby

An Ominous Baby by: Stephen Crane A. Resource: Crane, Stephen “An Ominous Baby.” B. Summary: A poor, raggedy baby, from the poor district, was roaming around the rich part of town. He was all alone with nobody to watch over him. He was in awe of everything he saw there, for it was a strange and unfamiliar land to him. He followed some elegant baby carriages filled with blankets and pillows being pushed by nursery maids down the street. The maids were annoyed by him and told him to go away, for he was dirty and did not fit in. So the baby went back along his way investigating everything he saw. The baby then became amused by a little old string he had picked up on the street, until he came upon another baby with a toy. This baby was a pretty baby. Well the poor baby was in awe of the glittery toy, so he asked if he could play with it. The other baby, however, was mean and would not let him. The two babies argued back and forth, fighting, until finally, the poor baby snatched the toy from the pretty baby. He then ran off with the toy, down the street, and appeared proud of what he had done, as if he deserved the toy. The pretty baby sobbed, and when he started after his toy, the poor baby turned and vanished with the toy, down a dark side street. C. Reaction: The Ominous Baby is a good story that reminds me of a lot of people today. The poor, dirty baby in the story was looked down upon because of his appearance. The people in the town were mean to him just because he did not fit in. People today are the same way. We judge others by the way they look or act and do not accept everyone. Racism is an example of this, and judgment often causes more bad behavior. I think Stephen Crane’s story was a very relevant story. The ending probably could have been a little better; it ends with two wrongs. The pretty baby was wrong by not sharing and being mean to the poor baby, but t…

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