An icon can have many different meanings for people.

An icon can have many different meanings for people. To some people an icon is religious, in that it is a holy picture which is used for worship in the Eastern Orthodox churches. As for some other people an icon is an image on a computer screen, or others an icon can be somebody or something famous. An icon has variety of definitions. Each definition is unique in its own way. For the people who feel an icon is religious, it is considered tradition. The Orthodox churches have a long tradition of venerating painting called icons. Icons are consisted more than just paintings on wood; they are thought to have power of their own. While three-dimensional statuses are not acceptable to the Eastern churches, each church building includes a place for icons in front of the altar. One such example of this is “Trojerucia the icon of Mother of God with three hands placed at the Prior’s throne in the Cathedral (Saborna Crkva) and is considered the protectress of the entire Sveta Gora.” (VELJKO, GUBERING) This icon definition to some people is a worship for what they believe in. Even though some people definition of an icon is religious, another definition is an image on a computer screen. This image on the computer screen can be a graphic image or symbol that represents applications(programs), files, disk drives, documents, embedded objects, or linked objects. These images are unique in which they represent something which is seen to mean something. An example would be an “e.” This “e” represents the Internet explorer. If one were to click on this “e” the Internet will be accessed and the home page will be brought up. Icons on computers able people to see something and understand what it is, instead of just seeing words on the desktop and maybe not understand what it means. People are able to relate easily with images then with words. Though an icon can represent an image on a computer or a religious picture, it can also be…

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