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MSc Project Proposal Form MSc Project Proposal Form Proposed Project Project No: B15 Please list the MSc Programme(s) this project may be suitable for: Biochemistry / DDTB Project Title: Investigation of the interaction of pyruvate kinase with amino acids using NMR spectroscopy Project Location (where will student be based?): Swann level 3 and NMR in James Black Building (chemistry) Project Outline: Pyruvate kinase (PYK) performs the last step in glycolysis and is allosterically regulated. It has been reported that the activity of PYK may be regulated by some amino acids and that this may contribute to the brain damage caused by amino acids accumulated in metabolic diseases. This project will employ NMR spectroscopy to probe the binding of amino acids to PYK, using other biophysical techniques and enzyme assay to monitor the effect of binding on structure, stability and activity of the enzyme. Pyruvate kinase: Function, regulation and role in cancer. (2015) Israelsen, W. J., & Heiden, M. G. Semin. Cell Dev. Biol. 43,43-51. Pyruvate kinase M2 at a glance (2015) Yang, W. & Lu, Z.. J. Cell Sci. 128. 1-6. Intended Outcomes: Experience in protein purification, biophysical and biochemical characterisation and drug screening by NMR; knowledge and understanding of which tools to use and their limitations, how they are best applied, and how to interpret the results. Additional Comments: (e.g. details of specific disciplines to be used, travel involved, students knowledge/skill set requirements) Knowledge, but not necessarily experience, of biophysical characterisation techniques and NMR would be advantageous. Do you foresee any Intellectual Property, or confidentiality issues? If so, what form might these take? No

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