American care system is in crisis. It needs emergency reform

The outside world’s perception of America is that it is one of the wealthiest nations in the world – free, rich and independent. I came to this country almost four years ago and had exactly the same opinion, up until I met someone who told me a deplorable true story. A friend of mine did not have a medical insurance and was refused medical treatment in the hospital. Much truth was revealed by this awful experience. The shocking fact of reality is that health care is not free in the USA, which really surprised me. I had the same feeling after I watched the movie “John Q” with Denzel Washington. His son needed heart surgery, but his insurance company would not cover the cost. He represented one of the forty one million underinsured people in USA, who just cannot afford the tremendously high prices for medical care. Basically, he was forced to watch his son dying in the hospital. Desperate due to this situation, he went to the hospital’s emergency room and took all people there as hostages. His demand was health care for his son. In some point, the “system” crossed this poor black man’s line, which led him to committing a crime in order to save his son’s life. Under any other circumstances, he would never have done anything like that. The enormously high prices of our health care system became a motivator for me to do research, by studying the health care in the United States of America more closely. The desire to have a better knowledge of the health care system pushed me to examine its advantages and disadvantages. People in the United States should be aware of the crisis in the health care system and the fact that it needs emergency reform. In my opinion, our best alternative regarding this serious problem would be the arrangement of a “single-payer” insurance system. What would be the advantages of the “single-payer” insurance system? The “single-payer” system “? one institution alone …

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