Ambrose and brinkley abstract

Ambrose vs. Brinkley The essays from Chapter 9 of Major Problems focus on the impression of the World War II on the country and the soldiers. Stephen Ambrose writes about D-Day, when the Axis launched surprised attack to seize the Omaha Beach, and the military strategy and the tragedy that went into the landing at Omaha Beach. Also, it illustrates what soldiers had to face when their boats came to rest at Omaha Beach. In contrast, Alan Brinkley discusses the effects of WWII on the home front of the United States. Where he says, the war helped end the great depression and changed the roles of the African Americans and women during and after the war. I found Ambrose’s idea more effective, because the events in his essay give an account of military strategy and what soldiers had to face when they reached Omaha Beach with the actual event. I believe that Brinkley’s essay is efficient in the sense that WWII did end the great depression, and bring about many changes for women and African Americans. However, looking at it from the soldier’s perspective, they did not go to the war to change things in United States. They went to war because they were attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. “Many women performed jobs long considered the exclusive province of men.” Well, since most of the men were in Europe and the Pacific, there were vacancies in the factories and offices. Besides, those factories and offices required them since; the men at war will need all the food, weapons, vehicles, clothing, shoes etc. during their stay there. Ambrose on the other hand, draws a picture of how terrified soldiers took over the Omaha Beach. They were not thinking about what needed to be done to bring change at home, but they were thinking how to escape the shower of bullets and stay alive. “All along the bluff, German soldiers watched the landing craft approach, their fingers on the triggers of machine guns, rifles, artillery fuses, or ho…

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