Alternative Medicine practices for healing .

As the number of individuals suffering of diseases that are incurable demand for Alternative Medicine practices for healing has been gaining the momentum, as many perceive alternative practices as the most reliable and easily accessible way for healing. For many advocates of alternative medicines the sudden leapt towards “unconventional methodologies” by a large chunk of world population in order to alleviate a variety of problems ranging from pain to anxieties gradually fuelled the commercial market to accept and imbibe scientific methodologies linking diseases to nutritional and emotional factors involved. With these factors in place, it was only a matter of time before conventional medicine adopted by the recent collaborative efforts of alternative practitioners and mainstream systems. In this paper, we have looked into the four distinctive patterns of alternative therapies and evaluate their consequences in recent medical science. Apothecary involves the therapeutic use of honey-bee products, including bee pollen, honey, propels, royal jelly, beeswax, and venom, to treat a variety of ailments. The most well-known and well-practiced facet of apitherapy is Bee Venom Therapy (BVT), which involves the medicinal use of bee stings. The venom is thought to reduce inflammation and boost the body’s immune system. Apitherapy is thought of as a last-resort treatment but may be beneficial to those who cannot be helped by traditional therapies and medicines. Multiple sclerosis patients have reported increased stability, along with less fatigue and muscle spasm, after trying the therapy. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis have said pain and swelling have decreased following the stings. It has also been said to shrink the size of rheumatoid nodules. For those who have not achieved relief with other treatments, apitherapy may help. Biological Dentistry: This new field of medical scie…

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