Almost everyone around the world wears a watch. If you want durability and perfection, a Rolex is the watch to get.

Almost everyone around the world wears a watch. If you want durability and perfection, a Rolex is the watch to get. The prices may run a little high but it is worth every penny for the beauty and satisfaction. A Rolex watch is made to last a lifetime; its dependability derives from all of the hard work that was put into it. The Rolex watch is known and trusted worldwide and has a fine collection to serve a variety of different people. My father and grandfather both are certified Rolex watchmakers who specialize in the Horology of Rolex. Horology by definition is the science of measuring time, or the principles and art of constructing instruments for measuring and indicating portions of time, as clocks, watches, dials, etc. The history behind the Rolex watch company is very interesting, along with its landmarks and achievements. The mechanism in a Rolex is built for accuracy and preciseness. Generic Rolex parts are now replacing genuine parts making it a lot cheaper for the buyer, but warrantees are now being voided. In 1908, a German citizen, Mr. Hans Wilsdorf, founded The Rolex Watch Company. Two requirements that Wilsdorf had for his watches were that they kept accurate time, and that they were reliable. He made all different types of watches for ladies, men, and casual, formal, and sporty settings. He knew that moisture could get in to the watch and damage it. He realized that he would need to make a watchcase that is water and dust proof so moisture and other particles could not get in. The first waterproof watch that he came up with was shown in a commercial sunken to the bottom of an aquarium. Most of the public did not believe this was really a waterproof watch until viewing this commercial. After this amazing invention, he then came up with a watch that could wind itself up. This was done by a plate of metal along with the force of gravity and the movement of the wrist. He called this watch perpetual. Wilsdorf died in 1960. H…

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