African Economics Development Course Work: Foreign Aid in Gabon

In this assignment you need to find economic data and draw some graphs regarding the foreign aid of the African Country: Gabon. Detailed explanation is explained below and I will attach them as well. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! Data source:1- foreign aid disbursements: and 2-World Bank databank A-How much foreign aid has your country received since 1960? Using the data source from the OECD which track foreign aid (official development assistance) by donor country and international organization, draw 4 graphs,one for each of the following: 1-Aid received from All donors 2-Aid received from former colonial power 3-Aid received from United States 4-Aid received from Multilateral agencies B-For the year 2014 (or most recent year), who are the top 4 donors to your country? what are the top 4 recipients sectors? Present this information in a table or chart with aid disbursement amounts C-Aid and GDP per capita Combining OECD aid data, with information from the World Bank data bank, please show the relationship between GPD per capita growth and Aid Received from All donors since 1960.(look at attachment for sample graphs)

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