Adults generally recognize that children have limited experience of life.

Adults generally recognize that children have limited experience of life. Kids do not have the necessary knowledge to distinguish between information that is acceptable and information that is misleading. This feature of children is especially important where the media is concerned. Kids are around multiple sources of media every day. Media among children includes, but is not limited to, television, video games, and the Internet. Children cannot recognize the tactics media uses to influence people, and thus perceive what they see as truth. Furthermore, children imitate what they see and hear unless they are taught otherwise. Media that depicts violence, inaccurate ideals, and misleading information adversely affects children’s behavior. Violence is frequently used in media to attract viewers. Unfortunately, children are also watching the violence, and as a result, learning to behave aggressively towards others. They learn to use violence instead of self-control to solve their problems and conflicts. A few years ago, a nine-year-old child began practicing wrestling moves he saw on television on his three-year-old sister. She died from the injuries she received. This incident shows that kids will imitate what they see on television. Moreover, frequent exposure to media makes children desensitized to violence that occurs in the real world. Violence also makes some children view the world as a frightening place. Initial effects of media violence on children can lead to more serious problems in their future. In order to gain customers, media withholds negative information about their products. Distorted messages about tobacco and alcohol are rampant in media. Children see characters smoking and drinking in movies and on television. Kids also see countless alcohol commercials and advertisements. While parents and the public are trying to increase children’s awareness to the dangers of these substances, media is cont…

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