Accomplishments Gave Way To A Genuine Character

Accomplishments Gave Way To A Genuine Character A good character is in all cases, the fruit of personal effort. It is not inherited from parents or created by external advantages, nor is it a necessary appendage of birth, wealth and talents; but is the result of one’s own endeavors. Through my years of existence, I have somehow established within myself, a distinct personality that brought me to take hold of my esteem. Since my elementary all through my highschool years, I would always see to it that I could pass exceptionally on my academics. All my achievements serve as my lifetime reward onto which I could gain for myself, benefits that are sufficient in life. Alongside with this, is my will to balance my academics with the extra-curricular activities that I earnestly involve in. For an instance, I have always shown interest in the field of theatre arts. I have portrayed several roles, which through years of enhancement and practice made me unfold a sense of firmness, confidence and maturity. Prior to this, I have constructed in me the urge that made me discern my interests in life. From my schooling and the proficient training I have achieved, I found myself more perplexed in my capability to communicate conventionally; that have helped me set my goals concerning my future. However, not all life experiences are required to be exemplary in order to heed accomplishments. During my third year of highschool, I was given chastise for my violation of the school law. Not only has it taught me to be responsible for my own actions, but it has also given me the erudition to improve my deportment, on which I would properly reflect on my values in life. All these accomplishments and experiences concerning my personality enabled me to meet situations in life that have traveled much of the distance to success. I as a person, regard myself like an iceberg, much of an individual’s personality is the reflection o…

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