Accidental Hero Distorts the truth

“The film Accidental Hero shows that the media distorts the truth.” Discuss: The film “Accidental Hero’ distorts the truth in a number of ways, both intentionally and unintentionally. The distortion by the media is mostly unintentional and throughout the duration of the movie a lie told by John Bubber, one of the main characters in “Accidental Hero’, is the foundation of the untruth. It is this lie that creates the underlying theme in the movie, that there is a time and a place to be completely truthful. There are three main intentional distortions of truth found in the movie. Firstly when John Bubber visits the hospital, secondly when John Bubber and Bernie Le Plante are sitting on a ledge above the city and thirdly when Bernie Le Plante is in a bar and a news reporter on the TV above his head claims several untruths. The lie told by John Bubber gave the media a way to create a superficial hero, through this they gained enormously in ratings which then led to a huge gain financially. Furthermore to improve their ratings even more they offered a 1 million dollar reward for the hero to come forward and participate in an interview. From then on more and more lies were told and all as a result of the lie told by John Bubber. Therefore this then proves that John Bubber’s lie was the foundation of the untruth. The media and public are both partly responsible for the distortion of the truth. Though throughout the whole film only three intentional distortions by the media were found, thus saying that most of the films distortions were done unintentionally. One example of an intentional distortion carried out by the media was when John Bubber went to visit a badly blind boy at a children’s hospital and the day after the boy made a miraculous recovery. The media used this to their advantage, saying that John Bubber created a miracle when really they knew full well that it was just a coincidence. Another example of a…

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