A young girl named becca who always loved hearing her grandma tell her version of briar rose.

The book I read was Briar Rose by Jane Yolen. This book was about A young girl named becca who always loved hearing her grandma tell her version of briar rose also know as sleeping beauty. When Beccas grandmother is dying she tells her the story she tells of briar rose is actually her. When Becca and her sisters were told this they thought nothing of it and just thought she was an old senile women who didn’t know what she was talking about. But when an old mysterious box of clippings and pictures turns up they found out that whom they really thought there grandmother was is not true. Nothing was certain not her date of birth, not her country of origin not even her name. Becca had two facts about her grandmother one is she lived in a refugee camp in Oswego and another is her last address in Europe was a place called kulmhof which she is unable to find anything about. So Becca, who was the closest to her grandmother out of her and her two sisters, makes a deathbed promise to her grandmother also known as gemma because shana couldn’t say grandma so she said gemma, that she will find the real story behind her grandmother. Becca goes to the refugee camp and all the places she has heard where her grandmother lived and Becca meets a near contemporary of her grandmothers and finds out from her that kulmhof was like a concentration camp but worse it was it was an extermination. So Becca goes to kulmhof now called chelmno, and also meets other people who remember her grandmother. Becca learns about all the horrific things that happened in during World War 2 and learns of the thousands of Jews that were killed at chelmno. In Reality Gammas Version of the fairy tale was actually her own life and how should be put to sleep by the nazis and then in her mind re awakened by a kiss what was actually mouth to mouth resuscitation. I found this novel to be a very powerful novel so I decided to make a soundtrack to a movie for my project and I felt I …

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