A Visit to a fishing village

Fact has spoken that every human has his or her own magnificent experience. This dgmay be proven to be true to me, as I have never met someone that was unable to tell an unforgettable tale about himself. This very own experience has been etched in my mind to haunt my lonely moments. It took place during the school holidays last year, marking the date 24th December, on Christmas Eve. After days of inactivity, father decided to take us on a visit to the famous Pulau Redang, situated within the Pahang territory. Prior the trip, we packed up carefully to avoid any unwanted dilemmas. Along the trip to our destination, we saw many awesome views. Palm oil trees were seen along the express road nevertheless as the rubber trees. The trip took us an amazing 5 hours because dad decided to take on the rural path to avoid traffic congestion. We managed to reach our destination at six in the evening. The first sight didn’t fail its duty. It amused us. Sea gulls were seen flying at the inky sky; coconut trees were waving to us, presenting their warmest welcome. Prior to time, we decided to head straight away to Pantai Puteri, which was famous for its white sand. The sand was soft as we stepped on it. The breeze was also an unexpected rejuvenating. It had the tang of the sea that was most pleasant to us. As we walked along the beach, we saw fishermen coming back from the sea, freeing themselves from the god of death. Their wives, relieved, expressed happiness that words itself was unable to describe. Although pauper, they were happy living their unique lifestyle. The next stretch of beach was rocky. We picked our way carefully through to avoid those nasty pains. Sister picked up a seashell and placed it near her ear. From it, she could hear the beats of the wave. In fact, seashells never failed to fascinate her. As we managed to find our path through the rocky beach, the sun was starting to set. The sun, seen through the leaves of the coco…

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