A Spanish Item of Clothing: the Cordovan Hat

The origins of the Cordovan hat are not clear. It is thought that it began as a hat for the day labourers, to protect them from the sun, the rain and the bad weather. As the felt or straw hats caused trouble by hindering visibility or flying away with the wind, it would have been necessary to create a hat with rigid edges and made in such a way that the water would not deform it or soak through it. Thus the Cordovan hat would have been born. Another theory, narrated by Rafael de Haro in n???§ 56 of the magazine published by Cajasur, gives another possibility about the origin of the Cordovan hat. In this article there is a photo of the Monstrance of Arfe, where the dance of the Seises can be seen. These children wear hats that are quite similar to the Cordovan hat. One of these hats, dated from the XVIIth century, can be seen in the Cathedral. Rusi in person assured us that the similarity to the Cordovan hat is amazing. Perhaps it is a link in its history. What is certain is that during century XIX and principles of the XX its use becomes general. We found it immortalized in, among other places, the picture of Julio Romero de Torres ” Qu?Ÿ?? bonita era” (How pretty she was!) ,where we can see 3 hats, and in taverns and inns of Cordoba where the hat appears in a huge quantity of old photos. In the world of bullfighting, Antonio Ca?Ÿ?ñero (father of modern bullfighting on horseback) or Manolete wear it. And in old family photos, Cordovan hats appear alongside the canotier hats. This hat has arrived to the present day, and it can be seen in the world of bullfighting, of riding, in pilgrimages, and in general in all the popular celebrations of Andalusia, worn so much by the woman as by the man. As Rafael de Haro points out, in possibilities it is only comparable to the peineta (haircomb) and mantilla, but, like the latter, it is necessary to know how to wear them. …

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